Story of Traumatized Rescue Dog Falling in Love With Mom's Human Baby Is Pure Magic

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Some things are just meant to be.

Unfortunately, some dogs are the victims of abuse and traumatic environments. It can be a big challenge to rehabilitate these dogs and many people don't have the time and resources to devote to a dog who needs close care and attention. However, one woman is showing us how rewarding it can be to adopt a dog with these challenges.

TikTok user @elizaandmacy recently shared a video showing the journey of her rescue dog, Eliza, during her recovery. Eliza had almost given up on life when her mom decided to adopt her, and two years late, Eliza is doing much better and forming an incredible bond with her new human baby brother. Check out the video to see Eliza's lovely transformation and the beautiful bond between siblings.

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OMG, we are sobbing right now. We can't believe how broken Eliza looked when she was first adopted compared to the loving and protective sister she is now. We are so proud of her!

People in the comments are thankful to Eliza's mom for rescuing her. @brianhiker said, "Thank you for saving her and sharing. There are so many loving animals in need of a good home." Another user, @ellenann3, commented, "Thank you for saving her. I’m so glad you showed her what love is. You have a beautiful family." This mom is definitely being rewarded for her good deed with an amazing family.

Others were very impressed with Eliza progress. @fionaschorman commented, "This is adorable. She looks so proud when she’s sat next to him," and @shellbell0825 said, "Dogs have an amazing way of showing up when we need them the most!" Eliza is thankful to her mom for rescuing her, so she knows she needs to return the favor and protect her baby!

This is a beautiful story of a selfless woman and a recovered dog with deep gratitude to her family. We feel so sorry for how Eliza's story started, but we couldn't ask for a better outcome!

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