Story of Senior 'Carriage' Horses Rescued After Being Dumped at Auction Is So Moving

They'll live out the rest of their days at The Gentle Barn.

The Gentle Barn, a nonprofit animal sanctuary operating in three different states - California, Tennessee and Missouri - has plans to open a fourth location in New York. This new sanctuary will focus on rescuing retired carriage horses, an idea that came from the followers and then propelled forward after a horse named Ryder's tragic story went viral over the summer.

Co-Founder Jay Weiner recently rescued the first two senior horses to live at this New York sanctuary. Their touching story was posted to TikTok account @thegentlebarn and the clip has nearly reached nearly 5 million views within the first day. The video will move you to tears. 

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Ugh, this clip put us on such an emotional rollercoaster. Our hearts broke seeing these beautiful creatures end up at an auction where they likely wouldn't have had a happy ending. But we're so thankful The Gentle Barn stepped in. After working as carriage horses for years, they deserve all the rest and freedom they'll get at this sanctuary.

"They worked so hard for humans their whole lives just to be thrown away when they were no longer useful. I don't understand," commented @calimelanie. We will never understand. And our hearts broke even further after hearing about all the medical issues. Again, we're so glad they've been saved. said, "Seeing them running in the snow. Thanks for doing this." We could watch them run in the snow all day long! Just look at how well they've adjusted. They clearly know they're safe and sound at home. We can't wait to see more carriage horses being rescued! If you're interested in donating to help start this brand-new sanctuary, please visit their website

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