Story of Rescued Senior Pony Who Was Dumped by His Owners Is Sad Yet Beautiful

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We're so thrilled that Henry has wonderful people to care for him now.

Video of a senior pony finding a new lease on life after being neglected has us smiling from ear-to-ear today — and we know it'll touch so many people out there too. According to the footage from @ohkaytacos, Henry the pony was in a bad situation before being found at an auction by Colby's Crew Rescue. But now the organization is sharing Henry's incredible transformation, earning cheers from across the internet. 

Henry's journey was documented by TikTok creator @ohkaytacos, who has been there since the poor pony was "dumped" by his former owners. "Henry was thrown away by his previous owners. He was the worst case of pure neglect my wife Ally had ever seen," the video's text overlay reads. "His hooves were terribly overgrown and he was bleeding from a kick to the face by a much larger horse resulting in a facial fracture. He was matted with first and filth," it states. But then Henry was found by Colby's Crew and his glow up is so important to see. 

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"The incredibly true story of one unwanted senior pony and the amazing team who partnered together to rehabilitate him!" the video's caption reads. 

People in the comments section were praising the organization for taking good care of Henry. "My jaw DROPPED at the work he did to those hooves! Love it," @shelbyissewing wrote in the comments section. "I know I am not the only person to say this but these rescue stories make me angry, disgusted , hopeful and happy all within 30 seconds. BRAVO BRAVO!" @lynnnickerson chimed in. "The kick to his face broke my heart. This poor baby, I hope the rest of his days are sunshine and sugar cubes," @brneyedflgrl added. 

We know that he's in good hands now.