Story of Black Labrador Mix Choosing His Forever Family Has People Reaching for Tissues

One of the beautiful things about rescue dogs is that no two of them have the same exact story. Every shelter dog, stray dog, and rescue pup you meet has been through a lifetime of challenges (and hopefully love) that led them to exactly where they needed to be. You can call it fate, the universe, or mere coincidence, but it's impossible to deny the magic in those stories.

Just ask Arkansas mom and dog mom, Lucy! She wasn't planning on adding another four paws to her family, but when a sweet Black Lab mix approached her out of the blue in late April, it took less than a week until she knew he was home. And then on May 1, she made it official with the sweetest TikTok announcement. Take a look at Eddie's road to Happily Ever After!

Pass the tissues, please! This poor dog looked so defeated and sad at the beginning of the video, and it's beyond moving to see him running around Lucy's yard in happiness. That is the life every dog--especially every rescue dog--deserves to have!

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"He chose you for a reason," agreed one commenter. "He knew he was home when he saw you." I couldn't have said it better myself! Within a week, the Labrador Retriever's body language completely changed, and he became a whole new dog. He's confident, playful, and oh-so-loving!

Normally, it can take several weeks for a new dog to start feeling safe and settled in their new home, but Eddie's story shows that a little love can sometimes go a long way. This precious pup took a chance on a kind stranger, and it couldn't have paid off any better.

What to Do With a Stray Dog

Like many generous people who take in stray dogs, Lucy had a difficult time deciding whether her home was the right fit for Eddie. She was not prepared to adopt a dog right away, but her coworkers' flexibility, her kids' love, and the dog's sweet disposition helped her see a different perspective.

This isn't always the case when someone rescues a dog, however, and that's OK. Not everyone has the space, finances, and time to care for a surprise guest--even temporarily. Fortunately, there are several options for situations just like this. Animal shelters, shelter night drops, and local rescues can often help in emergencies. Besides, you'll likely be contacting these resources anyway to make a lost dog report.

As much as you may want to adopt your new friend, just like Lucy adopted Eddie, it's important to look for a microchip or owner before making the final decision. Whatever you end up doing, you can pat yourself on the back knowing that you helped a dog out of a hard time.

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