Store owner slams ‘teen influencer’ over ‘entitled’ social media request: ‘Please stop asking’

A small business owner is going viral after calling out an alleged “teen influencer.”

Reddit user dakotaraptors shared the incident in a post that has now received nearly 100,000 upvotes. In it, the store owner shared a screenshot of their exchange with the teenager.

Dakotaraptors wrote that their store sells jewelry and T-shirts targeted toward teen girls, meaning they get “daily” messages from people asking for “free stuff.”

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This “influencer” seemed to present a special case though. The teenager, who dakotaraptors identified as a 19-year-old girl, claimed to have 47.2 thousand followers on TikTok. After presenting that info, they asked dakotaraptors to help them “advertise” the store’s products.

The alleged lie isn’t what frustrated dakotaraptors most though. The business owner wrote back explaining that, “the best way you can support our business is by purchasing from it.”

Reddit users were heavily supportive of dakotaraptors’ response. Thousands of commenters praised his stance against freebies, and criticized the “entitled” teen.

“It’s funny because they think a potential sponsor wouldn’t….. I don’t know… VERIFY THE ENGAGEMENT CLAIMS,” one user wrote.

“I don’t understand how someone could possibly be such an egotistical entitled piece of human garbage. It is beyond my understanding,” another added.

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