Stop Everything: Moe's Is Giving Away Free Queso This Weekend!

Joseph Neese
·2 mins read
Photo credit: The Washington Post - Getty Images
Photo credit: The Washington Post - Getty Images

From Delish

The holidays are just around the corner, so shelves are lined with pumpkin spice and everything nice. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's not forget that one of the most wonderful days of the year arrives this Sunday: National Queso Day. There are few pleasures in life finer than melted cheese paired with warm tortilla chips!

Every year, Moe's Southwest Grill carries forward the timeless tradition of giving away a free cup of queso on this sacred day. If you're somehow on the fence about free cheese, please kindly watch Moe's eight-hour "Queso Relaxation" video, which features a hand slowly dipping crispy chips into liquid gold over calming spa music. I dare you to try to tell me you're not craving some liquid gold afterward. I dare you!

All you have to take advantage of this priceless offer is download the Moe's app and join the "Moe Reward" program by 8 a.m. ET on Sunday. Then, you can literally walk into Moe's, grab your free queso, and drive off into the sunset. Isn't that romantic?!

But that's the last thing you're going to want to do ... because Moe's is currently celebrating it's 20th anniversary with it's biggest burrito EVER. That's right, folks, the Southwest chain has doubled the size of its iconic Homewrecker Burrito. Clocking in at a massive 8" long, the new Grande Homewrecker burrito holds a massive 2 pounds of fillings. These heavyweight champs are available for a limited time only, so grab one this weekend to dip into your free queso.

As if that wasn't enough, Moe’s is crushing it with a free burrito sweepstakes for Moe Reward members. In October, 650 beyond lucky fans will score free burritos for an entire year. To put this amazing opportunity into perspective, that’s 33,000 free burritos across 365 days! Every rewards check-in equals one entry throughout the month of September, with a limit of two entries daily entries per person. Click here to read the fine print.

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