Stolen Dog Reunited With Owners After Two-Week Ordeal

A Cocker Spaniel dog resting on a woman's lap similar to the stolen dog in Leeds who got reunited with her owners after two weeks.
(Photo Credit: Justin Paget | Getty Images)

It’s always heartwarming to see lost or stolen dogs reuniting with their owners. A couple from Leeds, United Kingdom, has joyfully reunited with their beloved pet after a harrowing ordeal. After a couple of weeks of uncertainty and worry, the family has able to bring their dog back home.

Dog was one of five stolen in Leeds, UK

The couple’s van was stolen containing their dog, Vixen, on Jan. 23, 2024, in Leeds, as per the BBC. Vixen, a five-year-old Cocker Spaniel, was among four other dogs inside the van belonging to Davina and James Wiles.

Although the other dogs were eventually located, Vixen remained missing for two weeks. Thankfully, a compassionate individual rescued her after two men attempted to sell her.

Both Davina and James Wiles are dog trainers residing in Thorpe on the Hill, Leeds. They have had Vixen since she was a puppy. The duo recounted receiving a phone call on Tuesday, Feb. 6, from a person aware of the search for their dog. During it, a man told them that he was approached by someone offering a dog for sale.

Mrs. Wiles explained, “He arranged to meet to look at the dog, and as soon as he saw Vixen, he said something to them about it being her. At that point, the pair ran off, and the man grabbed Vixen’s lead and just got hold of her.”

Vixen the Cocker Spaniel has been reunited with owners

According to Mrs. Wiles, she received a call informing them of Vixen’s discovery. What’s more, in her words, the journey to retrieve her pet was “the longest eight minutes” of her life.

She further stated, “When we got there, James was the first to see her because he can run faster than me. She just ran over to him and jumped into his arms.”

In that moment, the Wiles’ were “absolutely over the moon.” They were losing hope of finding their pet. As such, to have her back makes them feel their “family is complete again.”

Furthermore, Mrs. Wiles reports Vixen is happily settled back home and enjoying playtime with the couple’s other dogs. While she appears a bit thin, Vixen is otherwise healthy and content. The pup’s dog mom expressed gratitude to the local community for their incredible support in locating the Spaniel.

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