Stila's Famous Liquid Eyeliner Is on Sale for 30% Off During Amazon Prime Day

Lauren Dana
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Now that Amazon Prime Day 2020 is officially here, it's time to start shopping. Among one of the 1 million-plus items on sale is the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, which you can score in jet black or dark brown for $15 (that's 30 percent off its original price of $22). This fan-favorite, which boasts nearly 11,000 Amazon reviews and recently won a 2020 Allure Readers' Choice Award, certainly lives up to the hype.

The eyeliner is popular among makeup artists and Allure editors alike. Its ultra-fine tip and super-smooth, smudge-proof formula make the ideal combination. You’ll feel (and look) like a makeup professional after just one precise glide across your lids. According to New York City makeup artist Tommy, you want to avoid "curly cats" when applying your eyeliner. It happens when the wing curls upwards instead of jutting straight out.

"This will change the shape of your eye," Tommy previously told Allure. To get a straight line, Tommy suggests outlining it first. "Place a dot right behind that outer eyelash. This will be the end of the tail," he explained. "It should lift the eye shape and, most importantly, widen and elongate." Once you have your markers make short strokes directly onto the lash line before filling in the lines, edges, and missing spots.

It dries fast, but not to worry you'll have enough time to get your desired look before this highly pigmented liquid liner sets. Whimsical cat-eyes? You got it. Sultry winged eyeliner? Easier than ever. Natural-looking liner across your upper (or lower) lids? You can do that, too. Plus, just as the name suggests, your liner will stay in place all day — whether you're sweating, crying (we've all been there), or just laying around on your couch for hours.

Don't believe us? Take it from one or two out of the 7,500-plus five-star Amazon reviews. One customer wrote, "I'm legally blind and do my makeup by feel. Eyeliner is the hardest to do, so I've gone without for years... Came out great and was so easy to apply!"

Another reviewer commented: "...I have watery, sensitive eyes, and every other 'smudge-proof' liner has run or vanished altogether after [10 to 15 minutes]... It dries very quickly when I apply my eyeliner wings and doesn't budge for at least 12 hours."

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

$22.00, Amazon


Get the eyeliner on sale today at However, you've been warned: This deal will only last until midnight PT on October 14 — and it seems to be selling out by the second, so act fast. Finish (or take) off your new liner look with other beauty steals.

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