Stevie Nicks does the #CranberryDreams TikTok thing, thus ending the #CranberryDreams TikTok thing

Reid McCarter
·1 min read

A man rode his longboard, drinking cranberry juice while singing along to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” and a meme was born. Just a few weeks later, the trend now as concentrated as thousands of juice-ready berries, Stevie Nicks has swooped in, shawls flapping in the autumn wind, to complete the meme cycle and allow us to move on to something else.


Taking to her TikTok (yes, Stevie Nicks started a TikTok), Nicks uploaded a video of herself tying up her roller skates in front of a bottle of Ocean Spray and a turntable. She looks into the camera and sings along to her own voice as “Dreams” plays in the background. Nothing in her caption or facial expression expressly says so, but everyone watching knows that Nicks’ video marks the end of a moment.

Since late last month, Nathan “420doggface208" Apodaca has become an internet celebrity. His immaculate vibes have been celebrated far and wide. He’s helped spread the gospel of Rumours, led Mick Fleetwood to emulate him in a TikTok video, and earned himself a truck from Ocean Spray. Now that all of this has come to pass, it’s only appropriate that Nicks has arrived to sing the meme to sleep—to put it to bed once and for all now that it’s reached the height of its popularity. If we defy Nicks, continuing to perpetuate a meme that’s clearly reached its natural end, only woe awaits us.

If you don’t believe us, watch the video below for a hint of just how bad things can get.


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