Steve Harvey Totally Roasted a 'Family Feud' Crew Member While Filming

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Family Feud host Steve Harvey doesn’t spare anyone from his hilarious antics.

In a recent round of the game show, the 64-year-old TV personality asked the Kidwell and Shannon families to name “something that Steve Harvey prays for at church.” While Bruce from the Shannon family wasn’t the first to hit the red buzzer, he did guess the top answer "money" and helped his team take the lead.

In the end, the Kidwell family took home the win with guesses like "hair," "family," "good health" and "good jokes." After the Shannons tried their luck, the Kidwells were named the winners. Then it was time for Steve to reveal the last two answers on the board, which is when things got really interesting.

When Steve saw that the eighth answer was “patience with Tanya,” he instantly lost it. “Yes, yes, yes,” he said. “Help me, Lord. Help me, Father God.”

While expressing how much he agreed with this answer, the Facebook Watch star then jokingly walked to the front of the stage and the camera showed a behind-the-scenes crew member laughing. All signs indicated that this was Tanya.

“So sick of her. Thank you, thank you, Lord!" he said while looking at Tanya. "Heal her! Shut her mouth! Shut it, Lord! … God, I pray for that all the time.” Steve then clarified for the contestants and viewers watching from home that Tanya Person-Irby is Family Feud’s floor manager, a position she's held for 11 years and throughout the entirety of Steve's time as host.

Unsurprisingly, folks seeing the moment on YouTube loved the candid interaction. “’Oh Lord, shut her mouth!!’ DIED. 😜🤣🤣🤣🤣,” one person wrote. “Steve is so funny 😭😂😂😂💛,” another added. “I would like to send my support to Tanya 🤣,” a different follower commented.

We can't even begin to imagine how much we'd laugh if we worked alongside Steve for 11 years. Sounds like Tanya has a fun job!

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