Steve Harvey Teared Up and Had to Temporarily Stop "Family Feud" Last Week

Selena Barrientos

From Prevention

  • Steve Harvey was left in tears by a recent Fast Money round on Family Feud.

  • The host stopped the game after hearing a NSFW answer from a contestant named Francisco.

  • To everyone’s shock, Francisco’s answer earned him big points for his family.

It’s a fact: Steve Harvey has the best reactions on Family Feud. Case in point, a Fast Money round last week left him in tears after getting caught off guard by one contestant's risqué answer.

With 20 seconds on the clock, the host asked Francisco from the Abundis family to “name a part of a man’s body that if hair were ripped from it, it might cause him to cry.” Without hesitation, Francisco said his answer, and well, it was … a private thing. Take a look for yourself:

After trying to ask the next question several times, Steve had to take a moment to process what he’d just heard. “When you … when … when you,” he stammered. “Okay, time out.” The Facebook Watch star then walked away from the contestant with a stunned reaction as the audience laughed.

“I had to stop ‘cause I teared up,” Steve replied. “[As] soon as he said [that], I heard all the men gasp.”

After a minute or so, and with 20 seconds still on the clock, Steve continued the round. When it came time to see if the answers were on the board, he took a deep breath first before re-reading the question that started it all. In the end, Francisco earned 28 points for his NSFW answer.

Of course, fans had plenty to say about the YouTube clip. “This made me laugh so much. I needed that 🤣🤣🤣 thanks Steve Harvey!! Your reaction was awesome!!” one person wrote. “I have to admit this one is funny 😂😂,” another added. “I should’ve known that was coming,” a fan commented.

You just never know what you’ll hear next on this show!

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