Steve Harvey Is Stunned When a 'Family Feud' Contestant "Hits on" Him

Kayla Keegan
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Photo credit: Youtube
Photo credit: Youtube

From Good Housekeeping

  • Family Feud host Steve Harvey was left temporarily speechless when a contestant named Grace jokingly hit on him.

  • During a round of Family Feud, Steve asked contestants to name a new item they'd want Steve to buy for them.

  • After Grace responded, she jokingly flirted with the host.

Steve Harvey doesn't get flustered very often. But he did when a Family Feud contestant got a little flirty with him during a round of the game show.

It all started innocently enough, with Steve asking two contestants, Grace and Isabel, to name something new they wanted him to buy for them. Right away, Grace guessed the top answer on the board with "car," giving the Zagami family a chance to score more points. But things quickly took a hilarious turn when Steve jokingly told Grace that they would have to be "heavily involved" for him to ever buy her a car.

Grace's response? "Well, Steve, you know, we could be," she told the game show host. As the audience roared with laughter, Steve took a moment to collect his thoughts before quipping, "[I] wasn't ready for that one." Hilariously, Steve then walked over to Grace's son, Nick, who Steve claimed said to her, "Mom, not on TV!"

Unfortunately for Grace, her family ended up losing the game when the Rodríguez family guessed "wardrobe." Still, it's a moment the Zagami family will likely never forget — and neither will Family Feud fans laughing along at home. Not surprisingly, Family Feud viewers got a kick out of Steve and Nick's stunned reactions. "We are on TV mom lol 😂," one fan wrote on Youtube. "You go, girl! 😂" another joked. A different fan simply said "LOL" in response to the exchange.

Of course, Steve has been happily married to his wife, Marjorie Harvey, since 2007, so it's safe to say Grace's "we could be" response was all in the name of a little harmless fun.

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