Steve Harvey Lost It When Ray Romano Slammed Brad Garrett on “Celebrity Family Feud”

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Steve Harvey Lost It When Ray Romano Slammed Brad Garrett on “Celebrity Family Feud”
Steve Harvey Lost It When Ray Romano Slammed Brad Garrett on “Celebrity Family Feud”

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  • Steve Harvey had a priceless reaction when Everybody Loves Raymond star Ray Romano hurled a playful insult at his former costar Brad Garrett.

  • The game show host had to walk around the Celebrity Family Feud stage to regain his composure.

Steve Harvey isn’t the only one with jokes on Celebrity Family Feud.

For a special episode of the game show, former Everybody Loves Raymond costars Ray Romano, who starred as Raymond in the beloved CBS sitcom, and Brad Garrett, who played his older brother Robert, reunited. But just like their characters on the show, the two could not stop taking hilarious jabs at one another on Family Feud—and Steve got caught in the middle of it all.

It all began when Ray greeted Steve. While the Men of a Certain Age actor was all smiles, he jokingly made it clear that he didn’t want to see Brad. From across the room, Brad shot Ray a fake-scared look. But it didn’t end there: Ray had more jokes up his sleeve.

“Listen, we’re going to take some jabs, but I want to be nice to Brad because his birthday is coming up,” Ray told Steve. “I wanted to get him something, but what do you get somebody who has everything because of you?”

Steve was instantly shocked at the insult.“Oh, oh, oh, oh!” the host said. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

As Steve and Ray laughed, Brad shouted at his fellow comedian friends and Feud teammates not to do the same. “Don’t laugh at that! Don’t laugh at that!” he said. Brad also couldn’t help but defend himself, saying, “I pulled my weight.”

Keeping it light, Ray clarified that he was only kidding. “Jokes, they’re funny. They’re jokes,” he said. Thankfully, Brad was a good sport and chuckled along.

As you may have guessed, Family Feud viewers at home were laughing at the exchange, as well. “I love how cool [Ray] and Brad are with each other. Great friendship,” one person wrote. “This is so funny 🤣😂😃🤣🤣😃,” another added. “The one-time Steve Harvey may not be the funniest guy in the room,” a different fan said.

Steve may have not been the genius behind this joke, but his reaction was just as priceless.

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