Steve Harvey Got Really Mad Over a 'Family Feud' Question During a Recent Episode

Kayla Keegan
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From Woman's Day

Steve Harvey may love being the host on Family Feud, but that doesn't mean he always likes the questions being asked.

In a recent episode, Steve had to read off a prompt to the Klein and Orr families that he wasn't so sure about. The question read, "We asked 100 women, 'You love your fiancé, but hate the ring. What do you do?'" Right off the bat, Kenya from the Orr family answered, "give it back," which prompted Steve to grimace and shake his head.

After the Klein family earned the chance to score more points by answering "fix it," Steve continued to express his disgust. He really went off though when Team Klein contestant Brian answered "tell him 'no,'" and the response ended up being on the game board.

Steve threw up his hands in disbelief: "I don't like this question, man. Are you serious? I've got 'you love him, but you hate the ring.' You dump him?!"

That said, things got better for Steve when the answer he was looking for the whole time, "keep it," ended up being the number-one response from 40 survey takers. "Thank you, thank you to the 40 decent women," Steve joked.

In the end, the Klein family wound up claiming victory for guessing "'accidentally' lose" the ring. Regardless of the Kleins' win though, Family Feud viewers watching on YouTube were much more caught up on Steve's reaction. "'Thank you to the 40 decent women' hahahahaha," one viewer wrote. "I don’t blame Steve for not liking this question!" another said. "All day, every day! Steve is #1," a different fan declared.

Never a dull moment on Family Feud.

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