Stella Artois Created a Red Party Cup Version of Its Classic Chalice

Belgium is home to one of the world’s most interesting beer cultures, and glassware helps set the country apart. Many of the best-known brands have their own signature glass shape — whether it’s the bulbed Kwak glass that would tip over without its wooden stand or the more straightforward Hoegaarden tumbler. Even Stella Artois has its own glassware — its stemmed chalice — though this summer, that iconic glass is getting a lowbrow plastic makeover.

In an ode to the ubiquitous serving choice of summer keggers, the red Solo cup, Stella has introduced the “Red Stella Cup” — a recreation of the Stella Artois Chalice in less-breakable, molded plastic. “From backyard barbecues to brilliant beaches, the Red Stella Cup is perfect for all those ‘no glass allowed’ moments that make summer, well, summer,” the brand explains. “Flip to a red cup with a stem, but make sure to write your name on it so no one snags it for the next summer hang because these cups are durable enough to last party after party.” (Yes, Stella is not-so-subtly implying that you can play the drinking game Flip Cup with these new creations. Sounds like a challenge, actually.)

Stella Artois
Stella Artois

If Stella is your beer of choice, and the idea of a red party Stella “glass” gets you giggling, these Red Stella Cups are more than just a silly concept. The brand is selling them by the six-pack or the 24-pack (for $10 or $30 plus shipping respectively) at (For the record, the first 1,000 six-packs were being given away free, but they have already been snatched up.)

Frankly, though the idea is clearly goofy, cheers to Stella for actually offering these things to the general public. These days so many brands make your write mini-Twitter essays or enter some impossible-to-win sweepstakes just to score a promotional product. Whether you want some upmarket red party cups or not, it’s just nice to not be teased.