This Steamy Video of Thiago Pantaleão Twerking on Stage Is Hypnotizing

Thiago Pantaleão

One thing Thiago Pantaleão can absolutely do is twerk like a pro.

The out, bisexual Brazilian singer is currently still promoting his debut album, Fim do Mundo, which was released in 2022. The album included hit singles such as “Desculpa Por Eu Não Te Amar” and “Mente Pra Mim.”

During a recent concert, Pantaleão served up some mind-boggling twerking that is quickly going viral on social media. Though he did make a name for himself by sharing impressive twerking videos on social media over the years, Pantaleão is showing off that he’s still got all the moves.

As of this writing, the video has surpassed one million views on X (formerly Twitter), 260,000 likes on TikTok, and 100,000 likes on Instagram.

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The new video is tagged with fellow bi singer Anitta’s “Movimento da Sanfoninha” from her live album Meu Lugar. This song iconically begins with Anitta teasing the audience with a rhetorical question, “You guys thought I wasn’t going to shake my ass tonight, didn’t you?”

After asking that question, Anitta and her backup dancers start twerking for the gods on the concert stage.

Anitta Movimento da Sanfoninha DVD Meu Lugar Ao Vivo no HSBC Arena 1 mp4

Anitta’s sarcastic question became an instant meme when “Movimento da Sanfoninha” was released. Even many years later, that meme has certainly stood the test of time on social media – evidenced by Pantaleão’s latest twerking video.

In this house, we always have time to watch Thiago Pantaleão twerking his life away!

Thiago Pantaleão’s Fim do Mundo album is available on all music streaming platforms.