Stay Warm Without Going Broke: 15 Canada Goose Alternatives this Winter

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It’s official — winter sucks. And that means many of us will be rocking our best winter parkas for quite a while. If your go-to winter coat is on its last legs, or if you’re hoping to take advantage of any early clearance sales before new products drop, then you may be on the hunt for a new parka.

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Canada Goose has become a winter-style staple (and status symbol) in the coldest parts of the country. And, in recent news, the brand has announced that it will no longer purchase fur and plans to go completely fur-free by the end of 2022.

But, with that said, Canada Goose is still damn expensive. Is it necessary to drop close to $1,000 to stay warm? In our opinion, no. Not at all.

Before we review our favorite Canada Goose alternatives, let’s take a look at the coveted Canada Goose parka that’s caused such a fuss in Chicago, New York City and other frozen cities worldwide. The classic Canada Goose parka features four pockets, the circular, red-and-white Canada Goose logo on the chest and sleeves, and a fur-lined hood. This parka isn’t messing around, and you can wear it on expeditions to Antarctica and other inhumanly cold locales. The brand’s heritage is steeped in function, after all.

Canada Goose Langford Parka, best canada goose alternatives
Canada Goose Langford Parka, best canada goose alternatives

Buy: Canada Goose Langford Parka $1,275.00

So what are the best Canada Goose alternatives? We’ve gathered a list of our favorite alternatives to the Canada Goose parka. All of these coats will keep you cozy to and from work without breaking the bank.

1. L.L.Bean Maine Mountain Parka


We’re big fans of L.L.Bean’s winter wear, from duck boots to parkas. If you’re looking for Canada Goose alternatives, then you can’t go wrong with another legendary (but American-made) outdoor company. The Maine Mountain parka is insulated, waterproof, ultra-warm, and filled with DownTek down to keep you warm and cozy even in sub-zero temperatures. Plus, unlike most parkas, it’s machine washable.

At $400, this isn’t a particularly cheap parka, but it’s a solid option if you don’t want to spend $1,000. Like Canada Goose jackets, it features four pockets, a fur-lined hood and is rated for super-cold temperatures.

L.L. Bean Maine Mountain Parka, best canada goose alternatives
L.L. Bean Maine Mountain Parka, best canada goose alternatives

Buy: L.L.Bean Maine Mountain Parka $399.00

2. The North Face ThermoBall Mountain Parka


This Mountain Parka from The North Face is another great option for wet and cold weather. The outside of the jacket is made from organic cotton and recycled nylon. The fabric is water-resistant, and the billed hood makes it easier to keep water off of your face. The inside of the jacket uses North Face’s proprietary ThermoBall technology, which is a denser fill for more excellent insulation. There are plenty of pockets across the front for convenient storage. It’s available in orange, green and yellow.

canada goose alternative
canada goose alternative

Buy: The North Face Thermoball Parka $350.00

3. Uniqlo Men Hybrid Down Coat


Need a genuinely budget-friendly option? Uniqlo has your back. This down coat costs under $200, but it doesn’t compromise on warmth. This coat combines real down with synthetic down for extra comfort and insulation, and the hood is 100% faux fur trim. There are handwarmer pockets at the chest and more oversized patch pockets at the waist, and the jacket has a front zipper and buttons for greater versatility and warmth.

canada goose alternative
canada goose alternative

Buy: Uniqlo Parka $179.90

4. Arc’teryx Nuclei S.V. Insulated Parka


Arc’teryx was designed with climbers in mind, but the brand has become popular among people whose idea of climbing is heading up the subway stairs. But even though the Nuclei S.V. parka was crafted for belaying, the insulated interior, windproof exterior and padded hood will keep you warm no matter where you are. And despite its warmth and insulation, you can easily pack this jacket up into a portable pouch.

parka canada goose alternative
parka canada goose alternative

Buy: Arc’Teryx Parka $399.00

5. Andrew Marc Conway Puffer


If you’re looking for something a little on the high-end side that’s still affordable, this Andrew Marc Parka is super warm and good-looking enough to wear all winter long. The coat is gorgeously crafted with a water-resistant, matte fabric with fleece on the inner neck to keep you extra cozy. Unlike Canada Goose (currently, at least), this puffer is made with a completely fur-free detachable hood.

Andrew Marc Conway Matte Shell Puffer
Andrew Marc Conway Matte Shell Puffer

Buy: Andrew Marc Conway Puffer $125.00 (orig. $295.00) 58% OFF

6. Columbia Men’s Penns Creek II Parka


There are a lot of ultra-cheap knockoffs styled after the classic Canada Goose coat. However, most of these won’t get you through a single winter. Instead, you’re better off buying a winter jacket from another trusted brand like Columbia. Like the Canada Goose Expedition coat, the Penns Creek II Parka from Columbia has a covered zipper, fur-lined hood and multiple front pockets. Unlike the Canada Goose Expedition Coat, it only costs $150. Available in dark brownish-black or a grey color pictured below, this is an attractive parka from a brand we trust to make quality winter jackets for men.

$70 OFF
Columbia Men's Penns Creek II Parka, best canada goose alternatives
Columbia Men's Penns Creek II Parka, best canada goose alternatives

Buy: Columbia Men’s Penns Creek II Parka $129.99 (orig. $220.00) 41% OFF

7. Uniqlo +J Oversized Parka


Uniqlo linked up with minimalist designer Jil Sander on a collection of winter essentials. Most of the pieces sold out quickly, but the parka is somehow still in stock in most sizes. It has a stylish paneled design and a modern oversized fit. The fill is made from at least 90% down for warmth and comfort. The front of the jacket has snaps and a zipper, and there are multiple cinches and snaps throughout the coat to help you bundle up.

canada goose alternative
canada goose alternative

Buy: Uniqlo +J Parka $159.90 (orig. $179.90) 11% OFF

8. Calvin Klein Arctic Parka Jacket


Calvin Klein may best be known for underwear, but the brand has a solid selection of outerwear, too. You may not choose this arctic parka for actually being in the arctic circle, but it’ll more than protect you from a cold-weather commute. It has a front zip, snap buttons, and an internal drawstring to cinch the waist, ensuring warmth stays in, and cold stays out. The hood has a fluffy synthetic fur lining. There are interior chest pockets and patch pockets at the waist.

parka canada goose alternative
parka canada goose alternative

Buy: Calvin Klein Parka $119.99 (orig. $350.00) 66% OFF

9. J.Crew Eco Nordic field parka with PrimaLoft


J.Crew brings the heat when it comes to their outerwear lineup, and their Nordic field parka is discounted by 40% right now. The oversized pockets and an olive color nod to the military inspirations of this coat. The hood has a faux fur lining, which is removable. In addition to the large pockets on the outside, there are plenty of internal pockets. The jacket is made with sustainability in mind, too. The jacket’s exterior is made from recycled nylon, and the water repellent finish is made without fluorocarbons.

parka canada goose alternative
parka canada goose alternative

Buy: J.Crew Nordic Parka $239.50 (orig. $398.00) 40% OFF

10. Todd Snyder Japanese Down Parka


Todd Snyder always delivers when it comes to menswear essentials, and this parka is no different. At $800, it’s not inexpensive, but it’s still substantially more affordable than an even a lower-tier Canada Goose jacket. The square quilt and large square pockets give this jacket some stylish geometric symmetry. The jacket has a 700 power fill for reliable insulation, while the goose down is recycled.

parka canada goose alternative
parka canada goose alternative

Buy: Todd Snyder Parka $798.00

11. The North Face McMurdo Parka


As The North Face’s longest coat option, this breathable, waterproof and windproof parka is an excellent winter staple that lowkey tramples anything from Canada Goose into the dust. The price point is relatively high by hitting the mark closer to the $400 range, but The North Face is an equally (if not more) well-known brand worth the purchase. There are five different color choices to pick from, but we love this navy option because it’s close enough to black that’ll make it easy to match with everything but still adds a decent pop of color to your wardrobe.

The North Face McMurdo Parka
The North Face McMurdo Parka

Buy: The North Face McMurdo Parka $350.00

12. Everlane’s ReNew Long Parka


If you’re looking for Canada Goose alternatives but are open to different styles, look to Everlane. This long parka from Everlane doesn’t necessarily have that puffer vibe but exudes the same length most Canada Goose jackets have to offer. The parka is made from 100% recycled polyester, and unlike a few of the options on this list, it’s fully machine washable. Weirdest yet coolest part of all? It’s made from 64 recycled plastic bottles, too. Try getting that from any jacket alternative.

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Everlane's ReNew Long Parka
Everlane's ReNew Long Parka

Buy: Everlane’s ReNew Long Parka $228.00

13. adidas Utilitas Hooded Parka


For the type of guy that spends his winters after work playing ball with the boys at the court down the street, we’ve got the perfect sporty parka for you. This Canada Goose alternative from adidas comes with all of the warmth and utility you need in a cold-weather-ready coat. It’s got extra roomy pockets to hold whatever you need to keep on hand. In addition, you can expect cozy insulation and water repellence.

adidas Utilitas Hooded Parka
adidas Utilitas Hooded Parka

Buy: adidas Utilitas Hooded Parka $160.00

14. Todd Snyder Made in New York Dock Jacket


If you live in any city that gets painfully cold in the winter — we’re looking at you Chicago, New York, Buffalo, Boston and Toronto — you’ll know that Canada Goose is a total staple (and show-offy move) for folks to sport once winter arrives. To compete, you’re going to need a coat that offers the same stylish notion any Canada Goose coat has without spending the big bucks. This New York Dock Jacket from Todd Snyder is precisely that. Fit for city dwellers who want to stay warm, dry and most importantly, stylish all winter long, this thing has your back (and front) until the weather starts to get warmer again.

51% OFF
Todd Snyder Made in New York Dock Jacket
Todd Snyder Made in New York Dock Jacket

Buy: Todd Snyder Made in New York Dock Jacket $244.900

15. Eddie Bauer Boundary Pass Parka


Head out in the stormiest of all stormy storms and never get wet underneath your jacket with Eddie Bauer’s Boundary Pass Parka. The exterior of this coat is made with StormRepel DWR, which is designed to shed moisture as soon as it hits. Stay comfortable in arctic temperatures that reach down as far as -34 degrees Fahrenheit. Its fit is relaxed on the body, which is excellent for people of all shapes and sizes and even heads up to XXL.

SAVE $70
Eddie Bauer Boundary Pass Parka, best canada goose alternatives
Eddie Bauer Boundary Pass Parka, best canada goose alternatives

Buy: Eddie Bauer Boundary Pass Parka $160.30

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