Stay sand-free at the beach with this mom’s fitted sheet and bucket hack

This TikTok parent shared a brilliantly simple hack for keeping your beach blanket sand-free!

Shannon Doherty (@athomewithshannon) is a mom and TikToker who shares useful parenting hacks and fun DIY activities. In a recent video, Shannon shared her strategy for keeping sand off of her beach blanket when she goes to the beach. The strategy? Set up a foot-washing station next to your blanket!

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The video begins with Shannon and her daughter standing on a sandy beach. They have laid out a patterned sheet to serve as a beach blanket and have placed a bucket full of water beside the sheet. Shannon and her daughter wiggle their toes in the sand, then place each foot carefully into the bucket.

“As a mom of four, I love sharing the tips and tricks that actually work for my family with you, and this one is a go-to,” Shannon explains in a voiceover. “[Have a] fitted sheet and a little bucket? Stay sand-free!”

Shannon shows how she sets up her sand-free beach hangout by placing a fitted sheet onto the sand, then using beach bags to prop up each corner. Because the edges of the fitted sheet are lifted off of the ground, sand is less likely to be kicked or blown onto the sheet.

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Then, Shannon places a bucket full of water in the sand next to the sheet. She drapes a towel onto the sheet beside the bucket. When it’s time for anyone in the family to sit on the sheet, they simply wash their feet in the bucket, dry them on the towel, and sit down!

The video ends with Shannon and her daughter, their feet now clean, sitting on the sheet to enjoy the rest of their beach day!

Viewers applauded Shannon’s hack and shared beach hacks of their own!

Baby powder melts sand off you! I never go to the beach without it,” wrote one TikToker.

“I love this hack. I use it all the time,” commented another viewer.

“That is just the smartest beach hack I’ve ever seen,” another TikToker wrote.

If you’re tired of sandy beach blankets, Shannon’s hack might just be worth a try!

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