Stay-at-home mom gets 'so mad' when husband tries to parent their son

A stay-at-home mom turned to Reddit for advice when she felt like her husband was calling her a bad mom. Posted to the Subreddit r/ParentingFails, the mom explained her dilemma. Her husband, a truck driver, is usually only home about 2 days a week. When he gives input about how to take care of their son, . such as suggesting to cut his fruit intake because he might be eating too much sugar, the mom gets upset. "I get so mad. Like, he's never here, and when he says stuff like that I feel like he's calling me a [bad] mom and that I'm setting him up to fail," she said. "How do I let him be more involved with parenting without getting upset about it?". "My suggestion is to [calmly] try and discuss why he feels this way and explain why you feel the way you do," one person said. In the end, the original poster decided that she needs to discuss these feelings with her husband — while also working to figure out why she takes his input so personally