Stay Abroad for Free With This Housesitting Website


Charli and Ben went on a helicopter ride while housesitting in New Zealand. (Photo: Wanderlusters)

Attention all pet-lovers: If you long for travel, but don’t have the money, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

The website Trusted Housesitters matches homeowners people to watch their house and pets while they’re away. And with locations all around the world, it’s the perfect opportunity to take a cheap vacation.

One couple using the site to their advantage is Charli Moore and Ben Jones, travel bloggers on the site Wanderlusters. After randomly putting up a profile and applying for opportunities, the duo from Norfolk, Great Britain have completed housesitting assignments in Las Vegas, Australia, Costa Rica, St. Kitts and Nevis, New Zealand, and Canada.

Currently, the couple is staying in a $7.5 million dollar home in Barbados, complete with a gym, media room, staff, and ocean views.

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The couple housesitting in Australia. (Photo: Wanderlusters)

“We thought it was too good to be true — who would want us to look after their amazing house in an exotic destination?” Charli told the Daily Mail. “At our age, we could never afford to rent, let alone buy, these amazing properties.”

Many people struggle with what do with a pet while they’re on the road. It can be inconvenient to travel with an animal, and boarding them at a kennel can induce stress for everyone involved. Instead, a good number of the users on Trusted Housesitters choose the service because it ensures that their pet can stay at home and keep their same routine.


Always wanted to visit Turkey? Trusted Housesitter’s lets you stay in amazing homes that would cost a fortune to rent. (Photo: Wanderlusters)

There are also no-pet properties available if animals aren’t really your thing. 

“There are some homes without a pet, where the owner wants someone to come in and look after the house,” said Trusted Housesitter’s marketing director, Laurence Bresh. “The owner might want their garden or swimming pool looked after, or your job may just be making sure plants are watered.”

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Sitters go through background checks, and the length of stay can vary from a few days to a few months. Owners may also pay sitters a small monthly fee, but many sitters provide their service for free.  

The site has members in 130 countries, listing exotic places like Mongolia, Bali, and Iceland.

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