How to Get Statement Eyebrows Like Lily Collins in Emily in Paris

Caroline Hallemann
·2 mins read

From Town & Country

Not since Brooke Shields's appearance in Blue Lagoon has a pair of eyebrows inspired so much envy as Lily Collins's in the new Netflix series Emily in Paris. Collins stars as the show's titular Emily, a midwestern twentysomething who finds herself working at a luxury marketing firm in Paris, with co-workers who are less-than-thrilled to hear her American perspective. But despite being a fish out of water, she manages to look impeccable at the office everyday in a candy colored wardrobe (courtesy of iconic designer Patricia Field) paired with a set of statement brows.

"Lily’s eyebrows are prominent and unique. It's her signature feature," notes Aurelie Payen, a makeup artist on the series. But if you're hoping to emulate Emily's look, and are less-than-blessed in the brow department, worry not. Here, Payen shares her tips for how to make the most of what you mama gave you.

If you already have full brows, Payen recommends using a clear product to keep everything neat and tidy.

"Everyday I used eyebrow gel from Anastasia Beverly Hills, which helped me fix Lily’s brows all day long. Then I used a concealer from Laura Mercier lighter than her natural skin tone to highlight the shape," she says.

But if your brows aren't so defined, consider a tinted brow gel for more impact.

"The eyebrows play an important role in the harmony of the face. If they are well-plucked according to the shape of your eyes, they can enlarge your gaze," explains Payen. "I would use a tinted brow gel for example, the legendary brows in Super Model Brow by Charlotte Tilbury, to recreate [Lily's look]. Using this gel, I redefine the eyebrow hair by hair for a more natural finish.

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