Stars of 'Camp Getaway' tease Bravo's latest reality show

While it’s unclear whether

or not summer camp will

be in session this year.

Bravo is making sure that its viewers still

get a taste of some of that lakeside fun...

with the latest addition to its slate of irresistible reality shows: “Camp Getaway”.

The series centers on a Connecticut-set summer camp for adults called Camp Getaway, .

where a lively staff welcomes

different groups of guests every

weekend throughout the summer.

Ahead of the series premiere

of “Camp Getaway” on

May 4 at 10 p.m. EST.

In The Know’s Gibson Johns interviewed three of the show’s stars — Randall Klein,

Monica O’Neal and Adam Mizrahi.

Adam: It’s pretty much a blend between

Below Deck and Summer House.

Monica: I think it has the interesting dynamics

and strong personalities of Vanderpump

slash Southern Charm.

Randall: In my mind it’s a perfect storm — work, fun and drama. For people that

don’t know Bravo.

I’m like imagine camp for adults with

themed parties and activities day

and night that include drinking