Starface Micro-Clouds Are the New Preventative Pimple Patches Everyone Needs

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Popular acne- and breakout-focused brand Starface has breaking news: They just launched microdart patches called Micro-Clouds that tamp down those pesky emerging breakouts before they become full-fledged pimples. So, of course, we had to get our hands on the new release and put them to the test.

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Starface’s current bestsellers are the Hydro-Stars. These colorful star-shaped hydrocolloid patches are some of the best acne spot treatments; they absorb excess oil and protect your skin from pollutants and germs that could worsen the state of your pimples. Justin Bieber is just one celebrity who proudly sports these stars out and about — Millie Bobby Brown, Florence Pugh, and Euphoria’s Chloe Cherry also pop on the patches when they’re dealing with breakouts. Plus, these star patches were even worn by models on the runway during Puppets & Puppets’ New York Fashion Week show this past September — très chic!

We’re predicting that the new Micro-Cloud patches are going to be just as popular as the Hydro-Stars. These amazing pimple patches aren’t just hydrocolloid stickers in a cute new shape — they’re smartly designed to stop breakouts in their tracks during their earliest phase of development. Beyond hydrocolloid’s benefits, you’ll get a targeted dose of pore-clearing salicylic acid, calming and brightening niacinamide, and hydrating hyaluronic acid. The sticky side of the clouds are dotted with dissolvable micro-darts that send these acne-fighting ingredients deep into the pimple to help stop it from surfacing.

While you can manage breakouts and acne with the best salicylic acid beauty products, face washes that are great for oily skin, pillowcases that are safe for those with acne, and the best moisturizers for oily skin, stopping breakouts before they surface on your skin is an efficient way to handle things. That’s where these patches come into play.

Keep reading to learn more about our experience testing Starface’s Micro-Clouds patches and why they deserve a spot in your acne-fighting routine.

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Starface Micro-Clouds

  • Product tested: Starface Micro-Clouds

  • Testing time period: One week

  • Application method: After washing my face, I applied a patch directly onto the emerging breakout.

  • Ingredients: Hydrocolloid, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and salicylic acid

  • Pros: 

    • Hydrocolloid protects early-stage breakout from environmental pollutants

    • Combination of ingredients help decrease size of emerging breakout and calm any visible redness or irritation

    • Excellent for hormonal acne

  • Cons:

    • Micro darts may irritate super sensitive skin types

    • Not meant for pimples or zits that have already surfaced on the skin

  • Testing review: These patches made a noticeable difference in an emerging pimple on my chin. I applied the Micro-Cloud onto clean skin before bed, and by the morning the area was noticeably less red and inflamed.

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About Starface Micro-Clouds

Starface’s Micro-Clouds are the brand’s first pimple patches designed to stop acne before it surfaces on your skin. The micro-darts are the biggest differentiator between these new patches and the brand’s bestselling Hydro-Stars — the small, painless spikes create tiny channels in your skin that allow the patch’s active ingredients to work below the top layer of your skin, right where the breakout is brewing. The micro-darts dissolve within two hours of use, but you can keep the patch on overnight, or as long as necessary to protect the breakout.

The cute clouds include a trio of ingredients that improve the look of acne in different ways. Hyaluronic acid boosts skin’s hydration, which is key for a healthy skin barrier. Niacinamide brightens and calms the skin, which may help prevent scarring and discoloration from the breakout. And salicylic acid has a number of acne-fighting benefits. A 2019 study published in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology showed that the ingredient can treat and prevent acne, calm inflammation, and help manage excess oil production.

Starface Micro-Cloud Pimple Patches Editor Testing Review

Starface Micro-Clouds are a totally different experience than the Hydro-Stars. The Micro-Clouds are slightly larger than the stars, and you’ll feel a subtle, satisfying prickle when you apply them onto your skin (that’s the micro-darts doing their work). I pressed the patch onto my early-stage pimple for a solid five to 10 seconds to ensure it sealed onto my skin. Beyond the initial tingle during application, my sensitive skin had no adverse reactions to the patches. I slept in my patch for a solid seven hours, and when I woke up the patch was still in place (I roll around like a roasting rotisserie chicken when I sleep, so this is no small feat). When I removed the patch, the micro darts had fully dissolved, and my underground pimple was noticeably less inflamed and red. I’ll keep reaching for Micro-Clouds whenever I feel the early stages of a pimple forming. And if it’s too late, there’s always great foundations for acne prone skin, concealers that safely cover every type of blemish — and the trusty Hydro-Stars.

How We Tested Starface’s Micro-Clouds

Two WWD Shop editors gave the new Starface Micro Clouds a whirl — one tested the patch on an active breakout, and the other applied it onto an emerging pimple. Both editors pressed the Micro-Clouds directly onto the problem area after washing their faces with a gentle cleanser and patting dry. After leaving the patches on overnight, we exchanged notes on how well the micro darts dissolved, any adverse side effects (none to report!), and, of course, how our breakouts responded to the patches. We took note of the size of the breakout before and after, any changes in redness, and improvements in irritation or sensitivity. Comparing these notes to our experiences with other acne treatments, like top retinol products, the best face masks for acne, and LED face masks, we’re thoroughly impressed with how these patches are able to calm down acne and breakouts before they’ve surfaced.

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