Starbucks Has a Frankenfrapp and Wolfman Frappuccino to Satisfy Your Halloween Sweet Tooth

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Photo credit: Instagram @starbucksmarketplace; @pixiedustedfun
Photo credit: Instagram @starbucksmarketplace; @pixiedustedfun

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Although Starbucks hasn’t had a nationwide rollout of a Halloween Frappuccino like it has in previous years, such as the Zombie Frappuccino, select shops are adding seasonal offerings to their menus. In addition to the Caramel Apple Delight beverage, the Starbucks located in Disney Springs has two Frappuccinos to give customers a spooky taste for Halloween.

The Frankenfrapp, which is a play on the iconic Frankenstein, is bright green to mimic the monster’s look. It starts with a Green Tea Frappuccino base that is mixed with peppermint, white mocha, and java chips, and topped with mocha drizzle. But if you prefer a more chocolatey taste, you might want to opt for the Wolfman Frappuccino.

The new Wolfman Frappuccino is made up of a Java Chip Frappuccino with a shot of strawberry puree and shot of espresso. It’s topped with whipped cream, chocolate, and more strawberry puree. It’s basically a chocolate-covered strawberry in Frappuccino form.

Both of these Halloween-approved Frappuccinos are available at the Disney Springs Starbucks, but since you know what’s in them, you can ask your barista to make one for you. Pro tip: Throw in a few extra pleases and thank yous when ordering off-menu.

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