Starbucks Delivers Innovative New Summer Menu—and Fans Can't Wait to Try It

Man holding Starbucks plastic cup on city blurred background.

Starbucks has its heart set on summer–and several cool new menu items.

The coffee giant appears to have won over fans after it teased a handful of new drink options along with two sweet treats said to be exclusive to its upcoming summer menu.

Foodie influencer Markie_Devo, who regularly previews and samples new menu items, got the first look at the new offers and shared a snapshot of them on Instagram. Included in the post were three Refreshers, iced coffee, a returning flavor of its creamy cold brew and a set of sweets that fans seem more than excited about.

Reportedly headed to Starbucks menus this summer are the Summer Berry Refresher, Summer Berry Lemonade Refresher, Summer Skies Drink Refresher, a new iced coffee blend, and the returning White Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew.

As for snack options, the cafe is said to be releasing an Orange Cream Cake Pop–which features a cream cake mixed with buttercream, dipped in chocolaty icing and finished with an orange slice design–and a Pineapple Cloud Cake, which the influencer described as "airy cake layered with a lightweight pineapple cream and pineapple spread with whole fruit pieces all topped with a sweet drizzle."

This year's lineup of refreshers is reported to be extra rewarding, as they include "Raspberry Flavored Pearls," which are similar to boba, and have been detailed as "a sweet summer blend of raspberry, blueberry and blackberry flavors mixed with water, lemonade or coconut milk and shaken with ice. These beverages are poured over Raspberry Flavored Pearls that deliver a delicate and deliciously burst of summer fun!"

The name of the new blend of iced coffee has yet to be revealed. However, Markie_Devo said it's "crafted from Latin American coffees with notes of malted milk chocolate and brown sugar sweetness."

Though the brand has yet to officially confirm the lineup, Starbucks only recently revealed another set of highly-anticipated (and spicy) beverages that are unlike anything it currently offers, but align with these rumored additions.

Fans are totally here for the innovation, too, as they joyfully reacted in the comments.

"This menu isn’t bad at all this fire 🔥low key I am gonna have to try that refresher berry it looks good 👍🏽," one wrote. Similarly, a second shared, "Ooo gotta try those refreshers."

"White Macadamia is back 🥳🤗🤗," another cheered.

"Is this real?" someone else asked, to which Markie_Devo replied, "April fools is long over lmao.👍🏻."

So when can fans anticipate getting their hands on Starbucks' new summer menu? Markie_Devo claimed it's speculated to launch at participating locations beginning Tuesday, May 7.

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