Starbucks Customers, Take Note: Police Say That Scammers Are Selling Fake Stanley Cups To Access Your Personal Information

starbucks sign
starbucks sign

Starbucks Winter Pink Stanley cups have been flying off shelves since they were released earlier this year, but now police are warning customers of online re-sellers that may be trying to scam you by stealing your personal information. Here’s everything we know.

Starbucks x Stanley

In what many fans think is the perfect collaboration, Starbucks and Stanley have teamed up to make the Starbucks Winter Pink Stanley cup, a 40-ounce tumbler in Barbie pink. The tumblers can be found at participating Starbucks locations, and retail for $49.95.


However many, people have purchased numerous Starbucks Winter Pink Stanleys and are attempting to resell them at online sites like eBay. While some of these re-sellers may be legit, police are now warning Starbucks customers to be weary of scammers who are creating fake websites full of fake Stanleys.


These fake websites are selling Stanleys at cheaper prices, making customers think they're getting a better deal, when in reality, they may be scamming shoppers out of their personal information.

Police Warning To Starbucks Customers

The Morton Grove Police Department in Chicago issued a warning on Facebook: "Beware of tricky websites using the brand's popularity," the post reads. "Shady websites pretending to offer discounts on Stanley cups have been found to be scamming shoppers."

"If you purchase through a shady website," the post continues, "your personal information may be compromised and your money...gone."


The police suggest avoiding social media ads for these Stanley cups and only purchasing from Starbucks and other verified stores that sell Stanley cups, like Dicks Sporting Goods or the Paper Store.