'Starbucks' Barista's Reaction to Cats Enjoying a Pup Cup Is Simply the Best

Everybody needs this guys' enthusiasm.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably already heard about the deliciousness of a pup cup. Just ask any dog their opinion on what they think of the treat. They'll answer with a face filled with whipped cream and tell you they could eat them for every meal of every day if they could.

But what about cats and their thoughts on the treat? We'd say it's similar to that of a dog based on this video from TikTok user @grahamgraham88. And the only ones who love pup cups more than cats and dogs is this Starbucks barista who gives them out. Listen to this barista's reaction. It's absolutely priceless!

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HA! We couldn't love this barista's reaction any more than we already do. Honestly, we'd great the same exact way every single time we gave a pet a pup cup. It would never get old!

"The best thing about working at a drive-thru. The customers know I love the pets more," said @squidstamp. Who wouldn't love the pets more than the customers? LOL! @bipolgara added, "Pup cups are my greatest joy as a barista! I love to see people spoil their fur kids." We'll gladly switch careers to see fur babies at the drive-thru all day!

Another TikTok user, @baeleiiii, asked, "CATS CAN GET PUP CUPS!?" This is news to us! The creator responded by saying, "Hahaha they sure can!!! Technically anyone can ask for a pup cup for any animal. They don't even need to be in the car!" O.M.G. This just made our entire week!

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