Starbucks Adds Kale Smoothies To Its Menu


Coffee and kale? Why not. (Photo: Starbucks/Yahoo Health)

Even Starbucks is jumping on the kale bandwagon.

The coffee chain announced today (March 31) that it will be offering three Evolution Fresh smoothies on its menu, with the option to add — you guessed it — fresh kale, upon request.

A 16-ounce smoothie costs $5.95, and it comes in three flavors: Sweet Greens, Mango Carrot, and Strawberry. Evolution Fresh worked with Dannon to create the basis of the smoothies, which all will have Greek nonfat yogurt and cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice.

So far, the smoothies are available in Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Northern California, and Idaho.

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Starbucks acquired Evolution Fresh in 2011.

There’s no question that kale is trendy. Since 2004, the leafy vegetable has erupted as a search term, menu item, and refrigerator necessity to all. Starbucks isn’t the only big corporation to add kale to its menu this year — it was rumored that McDonalds would be adding kale to their salad menu this year, and Jamba Juice recently added kale options to its menu as well.

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