A New Star Wars Rumour Details Luke Skywalker's Surprising Return In Episode 9

Photo credit: Lucasfilm
Photo credit: Lucasfilm

From Esquire

In late July, Disney announced that Mark Hamill would be among the cast returning for Star Wars 9. This news introduced a few exciting options for the upcoming conclusion of the Skywalker saga. In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we see Luke's physical body vanish after he uses the force to project himself onto another planet, where he buys the resistance enough time to escape the First Order.

So, how would he return in Star Wars 9? The two most obvious choices would he appears as a Force ghost-as we've seen Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. Or, we see him in a flashback.

But, according to a new leak reported by Express, Luke could be neither of these in Star Wars 9. As the leaked scene is described:

Luke Skywalker in front of Rey on a jungle world. In the background are ancient stone steps that lead to some rooms which appear to be a Jedi Temple of some kind. Luke appears to be in his physical form as if he is not dead, but he may be a Force ghost and more solid this time. No blue hue is described in the sequence. Luke holds his iconic green lightsaber hilt in his hand but not ignited as Rey examines it. This could be one of Luke’s lessons to Rey, teaching her how to develop a lightsaber like his own. Luke’s face has no beard and shorter hair - shorter than his hair on Crait. He wears a brown robe with white sleeves.

Now, it's possible that Luke, in his isolated studies, has become a more powerful version of a Force ghost. Has he found some sort of key to immortality? Certainly, his presence on Crait was more intensive than anything we've seen a Force ghost do so far. Or, has he completely returned from the dead? Obviously, if he has no beard and is in a scene with Rey, this couldn't possibly be a flashback. So has he found a way to return to the living after becoming one with the Force?

Certainly, if Luke does return, this would work as some pretty intensive retcon and fan service-reversing the shocking, and controversial, ending of The Last Jedi.

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