The Droid You're Looking for? ANA Announces Star Wars Dreamliner

·Associate Travel Editor

With the revelation of the upcoming Star Wars Dreamliner plane, some of the movie franchise’s biggest nerds (myself included) have to be wondering whether they’d buy an All Nippon Airways ticket to a random destination just to fly inside a giant R2-D2 head.

We don’t yet know which international route the Dreamliner 787-9 plane, with the famous droid painted on the nose and a large Star Wars logo on the rear fuselage, will fly this fall. ANA announced a five-year partnership with the Walt Disney Company in advance of December’s latest installment of the franchise’s  canon: The Force Awakens.

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ANA’s website credits choosing RD-D2 as its face because of the droid “never fails to complete his mission and surprise us with his clever solutions.” No word on whether the R2 plane will be carrying any secret messages from Princess Leia or the technical plans to destroy a Death Star. Ideally there would be a C-3PO plane to nag this one in the air, but no companion planes were announced.

The plane’s release coincided with last week’s newest trailer for The Force Awakens, including some throwback appearances by Han Solo and Chewbacca. We can expect a lot more brands joining in the Star Wars marketing frenzy between now and Dec. 18, when the film is released.

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ANA has the largest fleet of 787 Dreamliners, with 34, and Boeing says the airline has an additional 49 on order.

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