Staffordshire Terrier Has the Most Adorable Way of Letting His Owners Know He's Happy

Tommy the blue Staffordshire Terrier is one happy dog, and he always makes sure to let his owners know. It's more than a tail wag or a paw at his mama that gives him away, though--but we won't spoil what exactly it is!

On the contrary, we'll let you witness @tommybluestaff's joy for yourself. This happy Pit Bull is just the sweetest thing, and we're so glad we found his video. We might even be happier than Tommy himself!

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OMG! Those howls instantly put a smile on our faces, though we have a feeling we're not the only ones falling for this Staffordshire Terrier. We adore everything about him, from his patient posing to his glorious head tilts as he howls!

"That's the cutest thing I've ever heard," gushed commenter @murdocmoonlight. Is your heart basically a puddle, too? We couldn't get enough of this happy guy and his 'awoo's--so we've watched the video at least five times! It seems to us like this pup gives his howls all the energy he's got, and we think it's the most precious thing.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are known for being incredibly affectionate dogs, especially with their favorite people. They can be highly trainable and quite social, too--but the American Kennel Club lists their barking level as moderate. That means that Tommy doesn't howl for just any old reason. He really is letting out some happy feelings!

We completely understand what @gsnizzy meant when she said, "TikTok continues to show me dogs I fall in love with daily." We can't speak for anyone else, but that's absolutely true for us. And now we can add this howling pup to the list!

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