Stacey Abrams' Thoughts and Concerns with Trump's Call to Action

Stacey Abrams comments on Trump telling the residents of North Carolina to vote by mail-in and in-person.

Video Transcript

STACEY ABRAMS: Well, let's remember, in 2017, Trump convened his voter fraud task force that was so ineffectual and so unnecessary, they disbanded rather than issuing a report that would have validated what everyone knows. There is no voter fraud of any real measure in the United States. Well, if you fast forward to 2020 to his comments yesterday, what he decided was if there is no voter fraud, I'll make it up.

And this, I think, is common cause with most of his presidency. He is going to create the chaos if it doesn't exist on its own. The real consequences will be possibly longer lines, with people who are getting in line to commit a crime, urged to do so by the president. You're going to have others who decide it's not worth it. They're going to decide that this is such a chaotic space, I'm just going to stay out of it.

And what's most worrisome to me is that people who didn't-- were not the intended targets of his language, were not the voters he was trying to encourage, but are low information about how the process works, which is most Americans, that you're going to have good intentioned people who are voting for the first time who are drawn to this process because they want to do what's right, are going to be captured and are going to be disproportionately and discriminatorally treated, because they were not the intended targets. But when you tell a lie and everyone can hear it, it doesn't matter if they know they weren't the ones who were supposed to hear it.