St. Bernard's Sad Face After Being Surrendered to Shelter Is So Heartbreaking

We've most likely all heard stories of pet owners surrendering their animals to a shelter and if you haven't, well just know that it's absolutely heartbreaking. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to it. Other times it's related to finances or aging pet owners. Whatever the case might be, it still destroys us because we can't stand seeing pets sad and confused in a shelter.

The latest pet we've learned that this happened to is a sweet St. Bernard named Gina. Gina's previous family surrendered her to a California-based animal shelter. TikTok user @maria_marrria visited her and is sharing her story in the hopes the right family will come along and adopt her.

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Ugh, our hearts are completely breaking for this sweet and beautiful purebred St. Bernard. We don't know the story about her being there and it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that we get her adopted as quickly as possible.

"She's so precious. She deserves the best forever home. Don't get animals if you won't keep them. They're family," said @emoohufflepuff. You can say that again! No animal should ever have to spend time in a shelter. They all deserve the most loving, special forever homes. @cupcaekz added, "Gina, I live so far away but I love you." SAME! We wish we could adopt every single precious fur baby we see.

If you'd like to bring home this sweet St. Bernard, or animal animal, please visit the Los Angeles Animal Care and Control website for more information. Let's get her home ASAP!

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