When Squiggly Monster was Unmasked on 'Masked Singer' Fans were Shocked By His Stellar Voice

Martha Sorren
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Between the Whatchamacallit and the new Squiggly Monster, season 4 of The Masked Singer really went wild when it came to costumes. The Squiggly Monster, for example, has six arms, seven eyes, and wild rainbow fur. And it was that wild costume that appealed to the celebrity who ended up wearing it. "We're all going through a tough time. I get to be part of your joy and it's needed so bad," he said after his unmasking.

When the over-the-top costume first debuted on Instagram, some fans thought that maybe the celeb under the mask was some kind of comedian or Vegas performer. Well, they were right about that first part.

So who is the Squiggly Monster on The Masked Singer?

When he was unmasked on Nov. 4, actor and comedian Bob Saget was under the hairy mask. That was one of the guesses fans latched onto early, and it was one that four of the five judges got right on Wednesday night.

The clues easily added up to reveal the truth, and some fans even recognized Saget's voice. Among some of the most telling clues was the one about him being a father figure — Saget played a dad on Full House, as well as How I Met Your Mother, where he was the voice of older Ted Mosby. The teddy bear clue seems to have been pointing to that character. There was also a clip show of people slipping on bananas and getting hit with footballs that was a nod to Saget's time hosting America's Funniest Home Videos. Plus he almost became a doctor, as one clue hinted at.

Perhaps what was most shocking was how good Saget was at singing. We've seen him act, but this was a new side of him. Fans were impressed with his two performances on the show.

It makes a lot of sense that Saget would be up for going on this show, since he previously appeared in a clue package for his friend Tom Bergeron who was the Taco. When you look at some of the judges' other guesses like Al Gore, Al Franken, and Dr. Fauci, it's kind of funny that it was just a Full House star under the mask. Not everyone was surprised, especially since Saget was both Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy's first impression guess, but we were at least surprised to learn that Danny Tanner can really belt it out.

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