This Squat-Free Workout Will Build Strength in Your Glutes

Philip Ellis
·2 mins read
Photo credit: gilaxia - Getty Images
Photo credit: gilaxia - Getty Images

From Men's Health

In his latest workout video, YouTuber Eugene Teo addresses some of the common mistakes that people often make when training their glutes, and suggests two exercises that can help to build strength and size in this area.

The first move is a weighted glute bridge. "The main difference between a hip thrust and what you could call a glute thrust or glute bridge is the range of motion that you use," he says. Teo uses a machine when performing this move, for stability reasons, but he says the same result can be achieved using a barbell or dumbbell.

When doing this thrust, Teo warns against letting the knees drift as you go deeper into the range of motion; this puts the adductors, the quads and the hamstrings into stronger positions to contract, removing tension from the glutes. "Stopping the range of motion short, right before my knees start to drift, keeps the tension right where I want it; in my glutes," he says.

The second move Teo recommends is the 45-degree rounded back hyperextension. He advises keeping the abs contracted throughout in order to prevent engagement in the lower back, when you're trying to work the lower posterior chain.

"The big focus here is to think about driving your glutes down and thrusting into the bench to raise your body up, instead of thinking about getting as much height as you can in the exercise," he says. "The goal isn't to get more range of motion for the sake of it, the goal is to take your body through as much motion as needed to stimulate the glutes maximally."

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