Sprite Is Bringing Back a Fan-Favorite Flavor for the First Time in Almost 20 Years

But only for a limited time.

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Limited-edition soda flavors are about a dime a dozen nowadays. Between Pepsi Peach, Dr. Pepper Creamy Coconut, and Sprite Chill, we thought our summer sipping was already spoken for. However, we recently discovered that Sprite is bringing back a fan-favorite flavor that we haven’t seen since 2006, so now our pop plans just got even busier.

In the early ‘00s, you might recall a line of Sprite called Sprite Remix. Or, maybe you don’t remember it at all because the line was pretty short-lived. However, the original Remix portfolio, which only lasted about three years, included Sprite Remix Tropical, Sprite Remix BerryClear, and Sprite Remix Aruba Jam.

The Remix line-up was a fruitier version of the lemon-lime soda. While the flavors were all quickly discontinued, Sprite has slowly brought back its “remix” flavors under different names—like the Topical Mix strawberry- and pineapple-flavored Sprite you can get today.

Now, Sprite is bringing back one of the Remix OGs for a limited time, thanks to those glorious Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.

Sprite Remix Aruba Jam Returns For a Limited Time

Sprite Remix Aruba Jam is officially back as a Coca-Cola Freestyle option—you know, the soda fountains that allow you to customize your favorite Coca-Cola beverage with the touch of a button. However, there’s a catch: Aruba Jam is only available at Wendy’s.

Despite that special relationship between Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, the soda company has chosen Mickey D's number-one competitor to sell the exclusive Sprite flavor. Wendy’s will offer Sprite Remix Aruba Jam, which is simply described as “fruit-flavored,” in its Coca-Cola Freestyle machines at restaurants this summer.

The Sprite flavor rolled out on May 1 and will be available through July 31 in both regular Sprite and Sprite Zero options. Of course, you’ll have to find a Wendy’s location that has a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine to partake in the fruity flavor, but you can easily find a restaurant near you on Coca-Cola Freestyle’s site.

Wendy's Free Soda Promotion

Sprite Remix Aruba Jam is coming to Wendy’s at the best time. For the whole month of May, Wendy’s is giving its customers free beverages with any purchase. When you order in the Wendy’s app, you can get any size drink free, including the new Sprite, for delivery, dine-in, and carry-out orders.

Again, you’ll have to ensure you’re ordering from a Wendy’s restaurant with a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine—but the Coca-Cola Freestyle site makes it easy to check. Also, you’ll likely want to order for dine-in or carryout, so you can serve yourself and choose the Sprite Remix flavor.

Free or not, we’ll definitely be running to Wendy’s to try this nostalgic flavor. Does this mean that Heinz’s EZ Squirt Ketchup and Reese's Swoops might be on the horizon, too?

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