This Spring Color Trend Is Coming for Your Nails


<p><a href="">@melanated.mani</a> / Instagram</p>

@melanated.mani / Instagram

I can't believe it's not butter! No, we're not talking about margarine or another bread-topper—we're talking about one of the season's hottest trends: butter yellow nails. The shade is equal parts soothing, elegant, and delicious. "The butter yellow nail trend refers to using nail polish shades that resemble the soft, creamy yellow color of butter," says Mazz Hanna, CEO of Nailing Hollywood.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the haute spring hue, plus how to get the look yourself.

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The Trend

Butter yellow isn't just popping up on nails—the hue has been spotted all over the runways, including catwalks in Paris and Copenhagen. When it's officially the coolest color in fashion and beauty, it's safe to say butter yellow has major traction.

"Characterized by solid soft pastels and high shine finish, the butter yellow nail trend is a creamy neutral yellow hue with a high-gloss topcoat," says Lianne Morse, BeautyGARDE Trend Expert. "It is impossible not to be instantly smitten with the soft creamy shades and glossy perfection." She says the color is part of an overarching movement toward pretty, soft shades. "While pastel yellow tones are undoubtedly the star of this trend, it [also includes] all creamy pastels and soft colorful neutrals," she explains. "In spring you can get away with a rain blue or wisteria flower purple as your everyday look."

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Hanna echos the seasonal sentiments: "I love that butter yellow is a soft and subtle shade that brings in joyful vibes without being too summery," she says. "It really is a perfect spring shade. Butter yellow brings a sense of warmth and brightness ideal for springtime. People are looking for pops of color that are still subtle, and butter yellow's soft undertones are perfect. It adds just the right touch of warmth without going overboard."

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Where You've Seen It

"Nail trends typically emerge from celebrities or influencers showcasing a particular look, and while it's difficult to pinpoint exactly where the trend started, butter yellow nails have been getting some buzz on the red carpet and social media as of the last few weeks," Hanna says.

However, like many mani crazes, Morse believes it all started with Selena Gomez. "This trend became a swift viral craze when Selena Gomez's manicurist Tom Bachik recently shared the show-stopping look on Instagram and the world fell in love," she says.

<p>Courtesy of OPI</p>

Courtesy of OPI

The shade also popped up on Sandy Liang's fall 2024 runway show, where nail artist Holly Falcone used OPI's polish in Buttafly ($12) for a pale yellow mani that perfectly matched Liang's collection.

How To Get The Look

"The trend ranges in shades from pastel yellows to slightly richer shades," says Hanna. "Since [it] refers to a color and not an overall look, you can play around with it and opt for nail art designs that incorporate butter-yellow colors. [A] Butter yellow French is a really great option for this."

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@pop_polished / Instagram

If you're going the solid route, "opt for a yellow shade that is mostly pastel and not super pigmented," Hanna says. She recommends Frozen Lemonade and French Vanilla from Dazzle Dry ($22 each). "Frozen Lemonade is great for anyone who loves a pop of color," she explains. "French Vanilla is a more toned-down version of the butter yellow trend for those who prefer to keep it subtle." Morse's go-to butter yellow shade is Beautygarde's New Beginnings ($18). "Although the butter nail mani trend sports a solid, creamy, pastel yellow with a glossy finish, don't be afraid to add a sheer milky polish or an icy polish as the second or third layer for a fun twist," she adds.

To get the look at home, Hanna says to start by applying a thin layer of base coat and let it completely dry before applying your butter yellow shade. Then, apply two to three thin coats of your butter yellow polish and let that dry completely before sealing everything in with an even layer of top coat. Finish off the look by hydrating your cuticles with cuticle oil, then seal the moisture with a hydrating hand cream.

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