Spreading Cheer through Art & Design

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Elyssa Dorf is an up-and-coming graphic designer and artist who has started her own brand, Cheery, and we absolutely love it! She calls it Cheery Designs and her goal is to help spread joy through her colorful and whimsical art, designs, and product line. Dorf’s artwork is bright, trendy, fun, and full of wit! She aims to add a pop of color and life into her customer’s homes that they are currently spending all of their time in due to Covid. Embellishing the walls we have in our homes, dorms or offices, can help improve your mood and that is what Cheery seeks to do.

But, Dorf believes that high style art does not have to break the bank. Cheery’s digital nature helps to bring the price point down to less than an original painting or even a drawing would be. Plus, because everything is made to order, designs can be customized to the customer’s desired, colors, scale, and iterations. As Dorf likes to say, “If you can’t decide on a color, choose the rainbow!”The mission of Cheery is for Dorf’s art and designs to spread as much joy to the world as it does to her in the creation process. Dorf has multiple branches to her company such as a design studio, Cheery Cards, and most importantly her shoppable line of Cheery Art!“From direct to consumer to wholesaling, I hope to spread “Cheery” throughout the world,” said Elyssa Dorf, Founder of Cheery Designs.

Her Cheery Art is inspired by designers, pop culture and a love for life. Some of her street-styled art, which is more metropolitan and super on-trend is influenced by her home – New York City.“If you open your eyes to what the people around you are talking about, wearing, and what they are doing, it is amazing where you can seek inspiration.For more information about Cheery Designs and to purchase Cheery Art, visit cheerydesigns.com. You can also follow the official Cheery Instagram at @withacheeryontop.

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