Spotlight on Arias Fall 2023

Following New York Fashion Week, independent designer and art lover Nina Sarin Arias returned to the market to debut her latest collection, noting fall was also the brand’s first time opening up to the Middle East for market.

“This collection was inspired by Spanish artist Jorge Gallindo. He’s been around for quite a while but is just making a presence in the U.S. now — I discovered him at Art Basel Miami and at New Art Dealers Alliance in 2022. He does painterly flowers and only started doing them in 2019, which got him on the map in the U.S. Me and my team rendered flowers in-house as inspiration from him, but I did not collaborate with him like I did with artist Anna Kunz for fall 2022,” Sarin Arias said of the ready-to-wear’s moody motifs, best seen on easy dresses with black lace panels or on a belted one-sleeve frock, styled with a with black lace sari (a nod to her Indian heritage).

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A look from Arias <a href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:fall;elm:context_link;itc:0" class="link ">fall</a> 2023.
A look from Arias fall 2023.

Sarin Arias also made a strong case for the season’s ever-popular tailoring trend through her viscose Italian suiting while adding a touch of sultry romance and downtown edge with sheer black lace layers, black leather trousers, wrapped slip dressing and polished day dresses and blouses.

“Really making sure that I continue to offer that full collection, because people are still coming to me for it. It’s very interesting because sometimes brands get to be known for being really good at tops and dresses, but it’s always been bought across the board, especially this season,” Sarin Arias said. “There are classic silhouettes but with twisted details, which is what women come to us for.”

A look from Arias fall 2023.
A look from Arias fall 2023.

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