Spotify's "Daily Wellness" Playlists May Be Just What You Need to Feel Calm and More Mindful

Pearl Cadigan
Shot of a young woman using headphones while relaxing on the sofa at home
Shot of a young woman using headphones while relaxing on the sofa at home

We all know how difficult it can be to prioritize our own health and happiness, especially when stress levels are high. Fortunately, Spotify's "Daily Wellness" playlists have made self-care more accessible than ever, using a mix of music and podcasts to bring mindfulness and positivity to every day.

For a long time, I didn't even really understand what wellness was, and I certainly wasn't dedicating time in my daily routine to it. But I've since learned that it's all about taking steps toward a healthier, more satisfying life, and the path to wellness is different for everyone. For some, it takes the form of a green smoothie or morning yoga, and for others, it might look like going on an afternoon walk or reading a chapter of a book before bed.

As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, figuring out how and when to incorporate "me time" into my routine - and for that matter, even accepting that I'm worthy of "me time" - has been challenging. I've tried practicing yoga and meditation, going on mindful walks, and a number of other things, but I'd never been able to keep up with them consistently. I'd pretty much given up on incorporating wellness into my everyday routine until I discovered my "Daily Wellness" playlist.

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Found under the Made For You section of the app, Spotify's "Daily Wellness" playlists consist of personalized feel-good music picks, mixed with podcasts like Yoga Girl Daily and The Slowdown. Each morning, the playlist is updated with episodes and songs to get you motivated, and in the evening, it refreshes with content to help you relax and unwind.

I usually listen to my playlist first thing in the morning while doing other tasks, such as making myself breakfast or even taking a shower.

Because I already spend hours on Spotify every day, the playlist fits seamlessly into my routine. I usually listen to it first thing in the morning while doing other tasks, such as making myself breakfast or even taking a shower. I find that the combination of empowering songs - some of which I already know and some of which are refreshingly new to me - and quick meditation practices or breathing exercises give me the time and tools I need to feel centered then and throughout the day.

If you're like me and struggling to squeeze in some much-needed self-care, your "Daily Wellness" playlist may be just what you need to feel more mindful and inspired every day. Whether I'm dancing around my room to a Tyler, the Creator remix or standing in front of the mirror following a guided gratitude exercise, this playlist has become a significant part of my daily routine. We all deserve to feel calmer and happier, and this is one simple way to find those moments more often.

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