Sports stars coach you through the election process with Voting Playbook

Democracy isn't a spectator sport, so get in the game! Your favorite sports stars are here to help you tackle the voting process. From filling out your registration to tracking your ballot, Yahoo Sports has you covered for casting your vote in the 2020 General Election. Get started with our interactive map at

Video Transcript

DAVID PRICE: Having that right to be able to vote was a very special time for me.

BREANNA STEWART: It's way that everybody can make an impact, no matter if you're big or small.

CALAIS CAMPBELL: I'm proud to be political, and to make sure my voice is heard.

JARED QUAY: November 3 is only a few weeks away, and democracy ain't really a spectator sport y'all. That's why Yahoo Sports huddled up with some of your favorite athletes to help you get in the voting game. Check out our interactive map on, and when you click on your state, a sports star will coach you through the entire process. From registering to vote to tracking your ballot. Plus, all the links you need to get started are right under the video. So you really don't got an excuse. Obviously you should only vote in the state that you live in--

- Oh yeah, no, I knew that.

JARED QUAY: --but our roster is legit, so click around the map to see all the star power we're bringing to the 2020 general election.