All the Spoilers on Theresa Nist From ‘The Golden Bachelor’—Including How Far She Makes It!

the golden bachelor
How Far Theresa Makes It on ‘Golden Bachelor’Ricky Middlesworth - ABC
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Behold: A quick yet comprehensive list of things I care about in fall 2023, in no particular order:

(1) The Chiefs, suddenly and extremely aggressively.

(2) The Golden Bachelor.

Aaaand yeah. That’s pretty much it. While all Bachelor seasons are an intoxicating combination of Triple D (to be clear: deranged, demented, and delightful, not Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives), I think we can all agree The Golden Bachelor promises to add a new previously missing ingredient to this formula: a dash of wholesomeness that you simply don’t find in people under the age of 60.

In other words, we’re very here for previously unknown Iowa area man Gerry Turner finding love on national television, and the time has come to turn-er (heh) our attention to contestant Theresa Nist:

the golden bachelor
Ricky Middlesworth - ABC

So what do we know about Theresa (other than the fact that she showed up during the premiere in her “birthday suit” and got a super-cute b-day kiss and a cupcake from Gerry)? We have some major spoilers on how far she makes it at the end of this article, but first, some important facts:

The Details on Theresa’s Job and Hometown

Seventy-year-old Theresa (she turned 70 on night one of the show, BTW!) is from Shrewsbury, New Jersey, and works in financial services. On that note, please be advised that one of her fun facts is “Theresa taught herself all about the stock market.”

Wow, cannot relate.

Hit Follow on Theresa’s Instagram

As you might expect, Theresa’s extremely chic and East Coast-y:

Her Instagram also features a lot of cute moments with her sweet grandkids:

Go ahead and hit that follow button. Let’s get this golden bachelorette some sponcon deals!

All the Info on Theresa’s Family

According to ABC’s bio writer (lifting them up in prayer, as always!), Theresa is “very close with her children and grandchildren and loves nothing more than seeing them all thrive.”

Also, like Gerry, Theresa’s spouse sadly passed away several years ago, and she is “ready to love again after loss.”

Theresa’s Requirements for a Partner

Obviously, the main requirement is...Gerry Turner. But if you want to get more specific, per ABC, “She hopes to meet a partner who will be her best friend in this next chapter of life and will appreciate all the little moments with her. When she’s not spending time with her family, Theresa enjoys playing board games, gardening, reading romance novels, and hula hooping.”

We also knows Theresa likes ’70s rock “both soft and hard.” In case that feels important to you!


Wondering how far Theresa makes it on Gerry’s season? FAR, friends. According to spoiler sleuth Reality Steve, not only does Theresa go all the way to hometowns, but she is in Gerry’s final two alongside Leslie Fhima.

No word yet on who wins the season, but obviously there’s a 50/50 chance it’s Theresa, so feel free to place your bets with the other people in your life completely addicted to this show.

Oh and P.S. in case you’re wondering: Yes, Gerry’s season has fantasy suite dates. But they’ll look a lil different. As Gerry put it to Entertainment Tonight, “I just think that a fantasy suite for someone of my age may look quite different. The activities could be quite different than for someone in their 20s and 30s.”

Not sure what that means, but either way the fantasy suites “really don’t” make Gerry nervous, and he actually noted, “They make my daughters a lot more nervous than me.”


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