Drumroll, Please…Gerry Turner Picks *This* ‘Golden Bachelor’ Contestant

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'Golden Bachelor' 2023: Gerry Turner SpoilersFrank Micelotta - Getty Images
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Say it ain't so! The Golden Bachelor is quickly approaching the end of its inaugural season. Poor Gerry got teary when he had to make a final cut down to the final two, and in the trailer for the finale, which airs on November 30, he seems even more torn between his two final ladies. So, who will Gerry give his final rose to this season? Only time—and, well, spoilers—will tell!

Luckily, Reality Steve finally has the intel on who Gerry picks. But more on that in a sec...

First, a quick primer on Ger-Bear: Gerry Turner, 72, is the lovable and first ever Golden Bachelor. (He's also the ultimate Grandzaddy that you might be attracted to.) Gerry is retired, but he did work in the restaurant biz for several years. He joined the show on somewhat of a whim—thanks to encouragement from his two daughters and two granddaughters.

If you can't get enough of the Golden Bachelor deets, look no further. Below, see all the spoilers for the rest of this gilded season.

***WARNING: Major spoilers for Gerry Turner's Golden Bachelor season ahead!***

Golden Bachelor Spoilers 2023: Gerry's winner has been revealed.

Yup, the tea from Reality Steve is piping hot. As of November 21, he revealed on Instagram that Gerry picks Theresa Nist.

This news comes despite a TikTok posted in September that had fans speculating that he picked Leslie Fhima. She shared a video of her dancing with her grandaughter, Kiki, to Dua Lipa's "Dance The Night"from the Barbie soundtrack:

To the untrained eye, the video seemed perfectly normal—just a grandmother and her granddaughter goofing around. However, there is a certain familiar Gerry giggle that occurs a few times in the background, which some Bachelor Reddit users pointed out. Plus, there is a very Gerry-sounding "Woo" thrown out at the end of the video, too.

According to Steve, Gerry's season wrapped filming on September 1, 2023, so despite his wishy-washy attitude between the two women during the Fantasy Suite dates, he did indeed pick Theresa.

The production cuts definitely seem to favor Theresa over Leslie, anyway.

Is Gerry engaged?

Prior to filming The Golden Bachelor, Gerry seemed very in to the idea of getting married again, and according to Reality Steve, he ends the season engaged to Theresa. But there's no news on whether he's *still* engaged to this day.

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Who is Theresa Nist?

theresa nist the bachelor
Theresa loves gardening! ABC

Theresa, 69, is from New Jersey, and is apparently Gerry's pick of choice, per Reality Steve.

She won Gerry over night one by wearing her "birthday suit." Don't worry. It was just a nude dress! Theresa ran into a bit of an issue for talking about her connection with Gerry too openly for some people (*cough* Kathy *cough*), who have called her out for it. Gerry def doesn't love the drama that ensues, but Kathy is the one who ends up going home.

Oh, and guess what? Gerry admitted during Hometowns and Fantasy Suites that he's falling in love with Theresa, too. How sweet!

Who is Leslie Fhima?

leslie fhima
Leslie is a former fitness instructor and aerobics champion. Golden Bachelor - ABC

Leslie, 64, is a totally cool gal. She revealed in her introduction that she once had a love affair with Prince—like the "Purple Rain"-singing Prince. She brings down the house during the talent show with a (very tame) lap dance and homemade brownies.

During hometowns, guess what Gerry tells Leslie? Yup. He hands out "I love you" number three. No wonder the rose ceremony brought on Gerry tears!

Is a Golden Bachelorette on the horizon?

As the Golden Bachelor approaches its final episodes, one question remains at the forefront of everyone's mind: will there be a Golden Bachelorette? While the leading Golden man doesn't have too much intel to disclose, he did open up about his feelings toward expanding the Golden franchise to E! News recently.

"I absolutely do hope that is something that happens," Gerry told the news site. However, the Bachelor remained mum on who exactly he'd recommend for the job.

"There's no way I could recommend one out of those 22 women that would be better than any of the others," he added. "They'd all be wonderful candidates for it."

And it seems all of the Golden gals feels the same. Kathy Noles, who was eliminated from The Golden Bachelor during week 5, claims everyone would want to do it, per E! News.

The publication got an affirmative in interest from fourth runner-up Faith Martin, and Kris Jenner lookalike Susan Noles also seemed intrigued by the idea, too. "I got friendship," she said of her time on The Golden Bachelor. "But I want a man."

ABC still hasn't confirmed anything in the Golden Bachelorette territory quite yet, but the interest is most certainly there.

Which Golden Bachelor contestants have been eliminated so far?

Gerry has sent a lot of Golden Bachelorettes home already. Here's who has said their goodbyes so far:

Rose Ceremony #1

  • Anna

  • Pamela

  • Maria

  • Renee

  • Sylvia

  • Patty

Rose Ceremony #2

  • Jeanie

  • Natascha

  • Peggy

  • Marina (self-eliminated due to family issues)

Rose Ceremony #3

  • Edith

  • Christina

  • Joan (self-eliminated to be with her daughter)

Rose Ceremony #4

  • April

  • Kathy

  • Nancy (self-eliminated)

Rose Ceremony #5

  • Susan

  • Sandra

  • Ellen

Rose Ceremony #6

  • Faith

Where was the Golden Bachelor filmed?

Like most of the Bachelor Nation shows, Golden Bachelor was filmed mostly at a mansion in Los Angeles. Based on the first few episodes, it also seems like production minimized changing settings as much as possible for all the contestants and Gerry.

The later episodes were filmed on location, like hometowns—including Minneapolis, New Jersey, and Washington. Then, of course, there's the fantasy suites episode—which is usually filmed somewhere tropical...

Fantasy Suites and the proposal were filmed in Costa Rica.

Gerry and the remaining contestants traveled to Costa Rica for the final episodes. The final rose ceremony reportedly took place there, according to Reality Steve.

When did the Golden Bachelor film?

The Golden Bachelor filmed around August 2023, and the final rose was handed out on September 1, 2023.

Why did Nancy self-eliminate?

Nancy kinda noticed the vibes were off with Gerry, so she sat him down and told him she felt like he didn't have the same connection with her as the other gals. Gerry basically said "you're not wrong," and the two shared a tearful hug before she self-eliminated and headed off in the black van.

Where did Joan go?

Golden Bachelor contestants have been disappearing left and right! A few episodes back, Joan received a one-on-one date, and then promptly ghosted Gerry—for very good reason. The great thing about the Golden Bachelor is you can tell the contestants really want to be there, because they all have much better places to be. For example, a few weeks back, Sandra literally skipped her daughter's wedding for a pickleball game with Gerry (TBH, that's too much for me!).

Joan's daughter recently had a baby, and called her 15 days postpartum to tell her mom that she was struggling. Sadly, Joan had to make the call to leave the show early because, as she said, "My family needs me."

Later, Joan shared a sweet tribute to her time on The Golden Bachelor—and reiterated that family always comes first. "Thank you for all of your outpouring love and support, for not only me but also my daughter - everyone is now healthy and happy," she wrote.

Where did Marina go?

Yup, yet another Golden Bachelor contestant left early to be with family.

Sadly, Los Angeles-based contestant Marina Perera, 60, had to leave the show to attend to a family matter. The issue wasn't addressed during the episode itself, but ABC later posted a clip of Gerry and Marina saying goodbye via FaceTime.

"I really respect you for doing what you've done," Gerry told Marina in the clip. "I agree with you 100 percent that you needed to put your family needs before everything else."

And that's all for now. You can catch the finale of The Golden Bachelor on Thursday, November 30 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, or the next day on Hulu.

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