Spoiler Alert! Everything to Know About This Week on 'Big Brother 25' (Including the Nominees)

The Final Four of 'Big Brother 25'

SPOILER ALERT! This article contains events from the Big Brother 25 live feeds that have yet to be aired on the television episodes. Please don't read ahead if you prefer not to know competition winners and nominees ahead of time.

We've officially entered the endgame of Big Brother 25. After getting through the season's second double eviction, only five houseguests remain. This quintet had been planning this particular milestone for the past couple of weeks. But what will happen with the $750,000 only about a week in sight?

Here are the spoilers on everything you need to know about this week on Big Brother 25, including Head of Household and veto winners, nominees, and who is likely to go.

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Who is Head of Household this week on Big Brother 25?

Bowie Jane

Bowie Jane won her third Head of Household of the season in a memory quiz competition during the eviction episode.

Who was nominated this week on Big Brother 25?

Felicia Cannon & Matt Klotz

Felicia faces her eighth time sitting on the block. Matt, meanwhile, is facing his first nomination, making Bowie Jane the last person to be nominated this season.

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Who won the Veto this week on Big Brother 25?

Jag Bains

Jag's name has become synonymous with Veto at this point. He wins the final one of the season, making a Big Brother record with an astounding 7 across 14 weeks.

Was the Veto used this week on Big Brother 25?

Check back Saturday or Sunday to find out if the final Veto of the season was used.

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Who will be evicted this week on Big Brother 25?

Check back Saturday or Sunday to find out who will be going out in fourth place, and who will make the Final Three.

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