Spoiler Alert! Everything to Know About This Week on 'Big Brother 25' (Including Who Won HoH)

The final six houseguests on 'Big Brother 25' compete in the second double eviction veto

SPOILER ALERT! This article contains events from the Big Brother 25 live feeds that have yet to be aired on the television episodes. Please don't read ahead if you prefer not to know competition winners and nominees ahead of time.

We've officially entered the endgame of Big Brother 25. After getting through the season's second double eviction, only five houseguests remain. This quintet had been planning this particular milestone for the past couple of weeks. But what will happen with the $750,000 only about a week in sight?

Here are the spoilers on everything you need to know about this week on Big Brother 25, including Head of Household and veto winners, nominees, and who is likely to go.

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Who is Head of Household this week on Big Brother 25?

Matt Klotz

Matt wins his first HoH of the season at the Final Five. He continues his win streak after picking up a Veto during the double eviction.

Who was nominated this week on Big Brother 25?

Cirie Fields & Felicia Cannon

Matt decided to cement his deal with Bowie Jane and Jag, nominating Cirie and Felicia for eviction.

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Who won the Veto this week on Big Brother 25?

Check back on Saturday to find out who won the Power of Veto this week.

Was the Veto used this week on Big Brother 25?

Check back on Monday to find out whether the Veto was used this week.

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Who will be evicted this week on Big Brother 25?

Check back on Tuesday or Wednesday to find out who will be voted out this week.

Are there any twists this week on Big Brother 25?

No! With less than two weeks until the finale, things should be playing out regularly through the end of the season. The only change in format will come with a special Sunday live eviction at the Final Four airing next Sunday, 11/5

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