Spoiler Alert! Everything to Know About This Week on 'Big Brother 25' (Including Who Won HoH)

The final 9 contestants on 'Big Brother 25'

SPOILER ALERT! This article contains events from the Big Brother 25 live feeds that have yet to be aired on the television episodes. Please don't read ahead if you prefer not to know competition winners and nominees ahead of time.

Big Brother 25 has launched into a new gear. The house has evicted the first jury member of the season, officially kicking off the endgame. And, with a mysterious crystal appearing in the HoH room, a new set of "superpowers" were released into the house, sure to shake up the game in a brand new way.

Here are the spoilers on everything you need to know about this week on Big Brother 25, including Head of Household and veto winners, nominees, and who is likely to go.

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Who is Head of Household this week on Big Brother 25?

Jag Bains

This week's HoH is a little bit different, as the winner is "invisible," meaning their identity is not announced to the house. However, through various conversations, we have figured out that Jag won the HoH competition.

Who was nominated this week on Big Brother 25?

Check back on Friday to see who has been nominated for eviction this week.

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Who won the Veto this week on Big Brother 25?

Check back on Saturday to find out who won the Power of Veto this week.

Was the Veto used this week on Big Brother 25?

Check back on Monday to find out whether the Veto was used this week.

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Who will be evicted this week on Big Brother 25?

Check back on Tuesday or Wednesday to find out who will be voted out this week.

Are there any twists this week on Big Brother 25?

Yes! As teased last week, "Comic Week" is in full effect, releasing two superpowers into the house. The "BB Power of Invisibility" makes the HoH's identity for the week invisible, allowing them to make nominations in private. The "BB Power of Multiplicity" makes the Veto winner "see double," which possibly means they'll be able to save both nominees with a win.

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