Spike the cat has been living in a bookstore for 11 years and loves it

Spike, a sweet black kitten out on the streets, found his forever home in a bookstore. It turns out this little guy was at the right place at the right time! Staff members at Left Bank Books in St. Louis found Spike wandering by the bookstore. They adopted the animal, made him an official co-worker, and gave him the title of store cat. Eleven years later, he’s still there — and running the show. Spike spends all his days at the bookstore greeting guests and making sure things are in order. He’s the boss! “He has everything he needs: food, water, endless new books to sleep under,” Lauren Wiser, marketing and publicity manager at Left Bank Books, told the Dodo. “We say he’s our night manager.” The precious feline considers the store his home. He loves lounging in shelves and taking a nap on top of books. You just might catch him organizing (or making a mess) of shopping bags and hiding in baskets. “Spike loves working at the bookstore,” Wiser said. He’s even become a local celebrity and has his own Instagram page. Fans from all over stop by to meet and greet Spike. “Some of our customers even bring in treats for him. Spike gets Christmas presents every year!”