'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Tickets Went on Sale, Causing Mass Hysteria

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Photo credit: Marvel Studios
Photo credit: Marvel Studios

If you're familiar with the long, complicated, and unofficial calendar of Marvel Cinematic Universe Events and Happenings—we just made this up, by the way—you'll know that today is Spider Monday.

A riff on Cyber Monday, of course, today is the day Sony and Disney have released presale tickets for Spider-Man: No Way Home to the general public. Instead of waking up this morning and forming a neat and orderly (digital) line for said tickets, Spidey fans were up at midnight desperately trying to secure passes for the highly-anticipated MCU outing, which debuts on December 17. Apparently, the sites for AMC, Regal, and Fandango all crashed at some point during the hysteria, with fans claiming that they had to refresh their browsers for up to three hours to claim their spots in theaters.

Here's a small smattering of Spidey fans reporting and delivering memes from the battlefield:

While this looks terrifying enough to make you want to wait to see No Way Home during its second weekend in theaters, hope is far from lost. For example: Most fans were especially hot on buying their tickets from AMC, since the theater chain was offering exclusive NFTs with the purchase of a Spidey ticket. (Even the CEO of AMC said things got out of hand.) An unscientific sweep of ticket availability from your friends at Esquire is showing that plenty of No Way Home tickets are still available, so it's more than worth trying those ticket sites again. You might just end up getting tickets during a Sunday matinee.

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