This Spicy Christmas Tequila Is Only Here For A Limited Time—Here's How To Get A Bottle

tanteo navidad tequila
Spicy Christmas Tequila? Sold. Tanteo

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What if we told you that there's a tequila out there that's not only spicy, but also infused with Christmasy spices? Just in time for the holidays, Tanteo Tequila has launched its limited-edition Navidad, an an ultra-premium añejo tequila infused with pequin chilies, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, ginger, and cocoa beans.

Even if you're not a tequila lover, you'll enjoy Navidad, which is rested in American oak barrels for 18 months. Each sip provides a subtle heat, although not as intense as Tanteo's other spicy tequilas. Its holiday spices don't overwhelm but will warm you up on a cold day. And while I think most people will appreciate sipping Navidad neat, Tanteo has cocktail recipes to inspire the mixologist in you. Add it to mulled wine, an old fashioned, and even your eggnog.

"As a tequila drinker, I wanted to create something special to sip and gift during the holiday season that was not a whiskey," said Neil Grosscup, CEO and Master Blender of Tanteo Tequila. "When I started mixing with holiday spices I knew this would be a winner."

Tanteo is part of a cooperative of over 70 agave farmers in Juanacatlán, Jalisco, Mexico, where it produces 100 percent agave tequilas. The brand makes a high-proof blanco tequila, but its focus lies in its spicy expressions, which includes a jalapeño, chipotle, and habanero tequila—perfect for mixing in a spicy margarita.

"During the holiday season, I love to drink spirits on the rocks or in stirred cocktails," said Grosscup. "While our spicy tequilas are designed for spicy margaritas, Tanteo Navidad was designed to be a tequila drinker's way to enjoy a warm and flavorful holiday tipple."

It's the season of giving, after all, and 10 percent of profits from Tanteo Navidad will benefit Un Salto Con Destino, a charity working to revitalize communities along the polluted river Rio Santiago through health, education, and entrepreneurship. This commitment to community is part of Tanteo's vertically integrated structure; growers share ownership of the company and are paid fairly.

"We designed Tanteo Navidad to be the spirit that gives back. We wanted a delightful tequila that would be the perfect gift that contributes to a charitable cause that we care deeply about: Un Salto Con Destino," Grosscup said.

Only 5,000 bottles of Tanteo Navidad have been produced. It can be purchased at Tanteo, Reserve Bar, and Drizly.

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