Spice Up Your Quarantine Meals With This Mac and Cheese

Think the blue box stuff is just for kids? Wait until you see what Dan Whalen from The Food in My Beard does with it.

Video Transcript

DAN WHALEN: You don't want to cook, you just want to sit on the couch and shove some food in your face. I got three ways to upgrade boxed mac and cheese to minimize the time from stove to mouth. Maybe you might feel a little healthy by putting some greens in the mix. We got spinach and feta. Throw it in right as it's prepared. Once the spinach starts to wilt, we're going to add our feta in the mix. Nothing makes mac and cheese better like adding more cheese to it. Who cares, make a mess. You'll clean it up tomorrow.

We're no longer in bad day territory anymore. Now it's been a bad week. So we've got fried rice here. We got some beef and broccoli. And you just take those Chinese leftovers and just dump those right into the Mac and cheese. And just dig in. So you just can throw the mac and cheese into a waffle iron and call it a day. The cheese is going to form a crust in a sense and keep it together and off of the waffle iron. Cut it, because we're civilized. It's a mac and cheese that you can eat with your hands.